“Biotechnology is biology plus technology. It is technology that connects cellular and biomolecular processes.”, says the latest Beauty Streams report “Macro movements dive: Dear Earth” dedicated to how biotechnologies can help rewrite the future of cosmetics, to make it more ethical and sustainable.

This quote could not suit better to explain straightforward waht AetheraBiotech deals with. It is not a coincidence, then, that CROP – the AetheraBiotech’s biotech platform – is mentioned in the report as an example of technology capable of producing beauty biotech ingredients for cleaner cosmetic products.

Vaccines, antibiotics, cheese, wine, beer: as the report explains, the use of biotech belongs to our daily life, but that’s little-known by the final consumer and therefore it is fascinating, but at the same time it sparks fear and doubts. To address the problem, it is important to spread the knowledge of biotech. So the biotech industry can and must take action telling with transparency how good these technologies are, their advantages and the purposes related to sustainability that People and the Planet need.

Growth trends indicate that in 2024 the global biotech market will exceed $ 775 billion, effectively doubling in 2015. It is the proof of the good interaction between innovation and nature: the “beauty biotech” ensures the absence of pollutants, pesticides and fertilizers and it is free from seasonal availability, geographical limits and climate change. In addition it ensures an efficient use of natural resources: biotech has the ability to lighten the pressure and exploitation of the natural world by mankind.

So the ambition is to feed the combination between innovation and nature, so that the best of both worlds can continue to produce new clean ingredients. AetheraBiotech works in perfect alignment with this purpose: to catch the best of Nature and enhance it through science for products whose effectiveness is as evident as it is sustainable.