the scientific essence of nature

Thanks to our biotech platform CROP®, also in partnership with our customers, we study and develop totally green products. They are vegetal active ingredients intended for different market segments, able to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety, for the benefit of people and the environment.

personal care

sustainable efficacy

We produce unsurpassed, highly characterized cosmetic active ingredients whose effectiveness are fully preserved in a standardized process so as to fully enjoy Nature’s gifts to humanity.

We passionately follow the natural processes as they develop so as to capture from each single plant everything that is needed to create new skin vitality.


innovative botanical tradition®

We enhance the efficacy and safety of use of the botanical tradition through an innovative biotech approach. We are committed to the development of standardized plant active ingredients, completely free from solvents, pollutants and environmental contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals and aflatoxins.

They are safe phytocomplexes, guaranteed by science for a complete well-being and realized thanks to a clean process with reduced environmental impact that preserves biodiversity and overcomes the limits of plant supplies.


science in nature without limits

We are the ideal partners for the research, development and stable production of selected plant lines for pharmaceutical applications, standardized in the metabolites of interest and potentially able to provide the largest amount of biomass in Europe.

Aethera Biotech has developed and perfected a highly automated industrial plant 4.0 that allows complete and precise system traceability with certified reports to guarantee product quality.

farm care

ensuring animal and plant well-being

We create phytocomplexes that express the maximum quantitative and qualitative potential of the plant. They are 100% natural products, without any kind of genetic modifications and selected for their beneficial properties. We maintain the microbiome of the subsoil, primary index of the health of plants and consequently of animals. We respect the balance of Nature, guaranteeing the well-being of the plant and animal world to reduce and potentially abolish the use of fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics.

design your active

our aspiration is to be the generator of innovation

Together with our customers, we study and develop original, totally green, customizable and patentable products. Unique and distinctive active ingredients that are highly competitive on the market while offering strong added value for your product.

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