The deepest moisturizing freshness

AQ3Rose CROP®-G is a highly standardized phytocomplex of meristematic cells of Rosa chinensis titrated in total polysaccharides and phytocollagen.

The Mother Plant of Rosa chinensis, certified through the DNA fingerprint technique, has been carefully selected to generate a phytocomplex rich in metabolites useful for its growth and development. The flowers of wild roses have five pink petals and are called ‘every month rose’ for their ability to bloom for many months a year.

ITALIAN PATENT N. 102019000004105


AQ3Rose CROP®-G is a raw material verified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, compliant with the COSMOS Standard.

claims suggestion

  • Intensive and deep moisturizing action restoring cellular homeostasis
  • Anti-wrinkle care by protecting from premature aging
  • Naturally promoting skin elasticity and firmness thanks to new collagens production
  • Volumizing and lengthening lashes for a more intense and luminous look

in vitro testing

  • Moisturizing action (Increase of AQP-3 expression)
  • Anti-wrinkle care (Increase of Collagen III and Collagen IV gene expression)

in vivo testing

  • Moisturizing effect
  • Volumizing and lengthening efficacy on the eyelashes