MetropolePure CROP®-G

The unique shield of the fibroblast energy lab even under bluelight and intense stress

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MetropolePure CROP®-G is a highly concentrated standardized phytocomplex of meristematic cells of Melissa officinalis titrated in total polyphenols expressed as rosmarinic acid equivalent.

Italian Patent n. 102019000004113 International Patent n. PCT/IB2020/052589

claims suggestions

  • Significantly reduction of the damages by blue light and IR irradiation
  • Preserves mitochondria, the energy machine of the derma, ensuring wellbeing integrity under stressed conditions
  • Protection against skin damages induces by oxidative and inflammatory stress
  • The defence supplement for your skin

mechanism of action

Rosmarinic acid and its metabolites can attenuate UVB-induced oxidative macromolecular damage, including protein carbonyl content and DNA strand breaks. Furthermore, rosmarinic acid increases the expression and activity of superoxide dismutase and catalase.

in vitro testing

  • Protection from oxidative stress (ROS inhibition; increase of mithocondrial aspect ratio; cell viability preservation)
  • Anti-inflammaging activities (reduction of iNOS and COX-2 expression)
  • Neuroprotective effect (vitality evaluation on neuronal cells, BDNF release, Inhibition of HDAC-1 AND HDAC-2 activity)

in vivo testing

  • Protection from blue light and IR radiation on skin

Protection from blue light and IR radiation: evaluation of Nrf2 and elastin

  • 30 human skin explants ex vivo from 35 years-old Caucasian woman with phototipe II-III was irradiated IR lamp for 1 hour and 24 minutes
  • MetropolePure CROP®-G was applied topically on the skin explants on day 0, day 1, day 4 and day 5 (30 minutes before exposure to irradiation on HEV or IR)
  • The immunostaining antibodyNrF2 and antibody Elastin was evaluated at day 6

The pretreatment with MetropolePure CROP®-G totally decreased HEV-induced Nrf2 activation and induced both a moderate increase in elastin expression and a total inhibition of IR-induced alteration of elastin network.

product specification

The Mother Plant of Melissa officinalis, capable of generating specific substances useful for its growth and development within an ideal phytocomplex, is carefully selected and certified by DNA fingerprint technique.

Melissa officinalis L. is a perennial herbaceous plant in the mint family Lamiaceae. The name Melissa, in Greek ape, has been attributed to this botanical species given the preference of bees to choose its flowers as a remedy to keep themselves in good health and protect from disease. Paracelsus called it “Elixir of life” and at the time it was recommended for nervous, cardiac and emotional disorders.

INCI Glycerin, Melissa Officinalis Callus Lysate, Citric Acid
Active compounds Total polyphenols expressed as rosmarinic acid equivalent by UPLC-DAD
Appearance Light brown liquid, characteristic odour
Concentration use Starting at 0,3% W/W

lymph science: neuroprotective activity of rosmarinic acid

Rosmarinic acid is one of the most important and well known natural antioxidant compounds, which possesses antinociceptive, neuroprotective, and neuroregenerative effects in different models of neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration, as well as chemical induced neurotoxicity and oxidative stress. Numerous studies reported the biological activity of rosmarinic acid on some disorders of the nervous system including Alzheimer’s disease, depression, stress, anxiety and pain.

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