This year we will be present at the XXXI National Phytotherapy Congress, organized by the Italian scientific association in the field of phytotherapy (S.I.Fit). We are proud to attend this important event in the field of scientific research on medicinal plants, where topical issues in the field of phytotherapy and new plant ingredients will be presented and debated.

Our R&D Manager, Giovanna Pressi, will present a study on a new phytocomplex obtained from plant cell culture. This will be an opportunity to present the efficacy, tested in vitro and in vivo, of our new phytocomplex of Zanthoxylum piperitum – LiftyLOX CROP®-G – as a new ingredient developed to preserve the beauty and health of the skin during the skin aging process.

Using the cell culture technology, we can get standardized phytocomplex unaffected from factors such as variability, climate, soil, and cultivation techniques, and free-from solvents, pesticides, fertilizers and heavy metals.

Through the selection of the appropriate culture medium, it was possible to obtain a Z. piperitum cell line with a high lignan content. The Congress will be an opportunity for us to present the study carried out on this new ingredient and to evaluate its activity in collagen metabolism in vitro, and skin elasticity in vivo.

The results show that the biotechnological phytocomplex of Z. piperitum acts at the level of collagen metabolism, by stimulating its biosynthesis and by modulating the expression of LOX (lysis oxidase enzyme), essential components to preserve skin elasticity and firmness. Furthermore, in vivo, counter-placebo testing has shown the ability of the phytocomplex to increase deep hydration, skin elasticity and decrease roughness in the neck and décolleté.

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