Firm up your skin

LiftyLOX CROP®-G is a highly standardized phytocomplex of meristematic cells of Zanthoxylum piperitum titrated in lignans expressed as pinoresinol equivalents.

The Mother Plant of Zanthoxylum piperitum, certified through the DNA fingerprint technique, has been carefully selected to generate a phytocomplex rich in metabolites useful for its growth and development. Zanthoxylum piperitum belongs to the Rutaceae family and is also known by the name of Sichuan pepper. It is antiperiodic, antitussive, carminative, diuretic, parasiticide and stimulant. It is also known for its capability to prevent the skin from damages caused by free radicals, slowing down the aging process and making skin beautiful and radiant.

claims suggestion

  • For a smooth and firm skin texture
  • Enhances skin elasticity and deep hydration
  • Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging action
  • Uplifting effect to preserve a youthful skin tone

in vitro testing

  • Protects fibroblasts from osmotic and oxidative stress
  • Increases the synthesis of pro-collagen 1
  • Modulates the metabolism of collagen and the LOX expression
  • Increases TIMP-1 after immunosuppressive stimulus

in vivo testing

  • Increase of deep hydration, cutaneous elasticity and reduction of cutaneous roughness in the neck and décolleté area