Environmental sustainability and ethical responsibility are becoming increasingly important in the beauty and personal care industry. Providing scientifically proven data on one’s environmental impact is the basis to effectively communicate the sustainability of the processes and products: however, communicating in a clear and standardized way is an open challenge for companies, which will soon be increasingly inclined to adopt transparent practices in communication as they are demanded by industry and consumers, as indicated by BeautyStreams magazine.

Aware of this, we at Aethera Biotech have undertaken a journey of assessing environmental impacts, through an LCA study developed in partnership with Spinlife, a spin-off of the University of Padua, and previewed at the Making Cosmetics 2022 event during Prof. Manzardo’s speech “Conscious Consumers Become: Science and Rigor to Communicate Sustainability in Cosmetics.”

The study, based on the year 2021, analyzed more than 16 categories of environmental impact. Initial results showed, for example, how the use of electricity significantly impacts our company’s performance. A first data point on which Aethera Biotech has already intervened with an important improvement action: the photovoltaic system -already in operation- that makes the organization self-sufficient from the point of view of annual electricity needs.

The speech was a preview, a first taste of the work that is still in progress, of studying the process and analyzing data to identify other useful elements for continuous improvement, to offer evidence of our performance, and to highlight the potential of our technology.

All this to act responsibly toward our Planet while generating a competitive advantage for us and consequently for our customers.