Recharges your vitality barrier

ReSILiEMcare CROP®-G is a highly standardized phytocomplex of meristematic cells of Perilla frutescens titrated in total anthocyanins and in total polyphenols expressed as rosmarinic acid equivalents.

The Mother Plant of Perilla frutescens, certified through the DNA fingerprint technique, has been carefully selected to generate a phytocomplex rich in metabolites useful for its growth and development. Perilla frutescens is an annual herbaceous plant of the Lamiaceae family, also known by the names of Shiso, Egoma or SILEM in Nepal and India. It is an officinal plant which due to its strong antiallergic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, is also useful in the cell regeneration process: the name of “the plant of youth” makes it particularly suitable for counteracting cellular aging.

ITALIAN PATENT N. 10202000028230

ReSILiEMcare CROP®-G is a raw material verified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, compliant to the COSMOS Standard

claims suggestion

  • Protects from inflammation
  • Restores skin barrier
  • Rebalances and maintains mucosa integrity
  • Increases intimate area compactness and hydration

in vitro testing

  • Anti-inflammatory activity (JNK activation; inhibition of degradation of IkB-α; reduction of i-NOS, COX2 TNF-α and IL-1β levels).
  • Skin barrier restoring activity (evaluation of skin barrier protein filaggrin and loricrin; evaluation of tight junctions ZO-1 and Occludin)
  • Skin barrier repairing action (TEWL evaluation)

in vivo testing

  • TEWL reduction
  • Deep hydration, elasticity and extensibility evaluation in the intimate area