Our biotech rose for the cosmetic sector is the protagonist of a scientific article in Piante Medicinali, the journal of the Italian Society of Phytotherapy.

The article, written by Giovanna Pressi and Raffaella Rizzi, R&D manager and Product & business development manager of Aethera Biotech respectively, focuses on the demonstration of the anti-aging activity of AQ3Rose CROP®-G, a standardized phytocomplex derived from meristematic cultures of Rosa Chinensis.

The publication entitled “The innovative rose biotech: the unique anti-aging ally rich in phytocollagen and polysaccharides for effective hydration” represents an important recognition that enhances the dedication of our team, every day engaged in research and production of botanicals created by Nature and enhanced by technology.

Hydration and elasticity: anti-aging activity

In the published article, tests on AQ3Rose CROP®-G are highlighted as an innovative product effective in deep functional hydration, protection against premature aging, supporting elasticity and skin tone, and inducing an increase in lash volume and length.

The product is rich in polysaccharides and estensins (plant collagen), characterized by a high concentration of hydroxyproline, not so present in other plant proteins but present in animal collagen. To prove its moisturizing activity, tests have been carried out on reconstituted skin, which has highlighted the effectiveness of AQ3Rose CROP®-G in promoting increased expression of Aquaporin-3, proteins involved in maintaining skin hydration and wound healing. The product was applied at 3% to reconstituted skin and was effective in increasing the expression of Aquaporin-3 on cell membranes by 20.8% more than the untreated control.

In addition, in vitro tests evaluated the product’s ability to stimulate collagen III and IV biosynthesis, showing that AQ3Rose CROP®-G at 1% and 3% induces a dose-response increase in collagen III and IV synthesis.

The moisturizing activity of the biotech Rose product was evaluated in a clinical trial carried out on women with dry skin as assessed by dermatologists. After 14 days of treatment with a product containing 3% AQ3Rose CROP®-G, a significant increase in skin hydration of 127% compared to T0 was observed.

Increased lash volume and length

Eyelash diameters were measured at the start and after two months of treatment with a serum containing AQ3Rose CROP®-G, demonstrating a significant average increase in eyelash diameter of 10.4%.

Biotech Rose has therefore proved to be the perfect ally for maintaining healthy skin and lashes, thanks to its intensely moisturizing and elasticizing activity.

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